Divine Sovereign State of Mind

WARNING: This may or may not trigger you. This poem is meant to be thought provoking as I know in writing this it will not be liked by popular opinion.
The forces of polarity magnetize back and forth,
The ego thinking that dark vs light is competing for the weaponry of security,
While society rolls around like a tumbleweed blowing around and around,
Which way is up and which way is down?
Am I living in Hell or the Kingdom of the Crown?
Exposing those whose only desire is to serve themselves,
Trying to no longer turn the other cheek, they still play into the meek,
The system is corrupted, this is nothing new,
Happening for 100s of centuries at a time who even knew.
Entering into the “hidden” subconscious mind,
Nowadays, flashes of light and sound the media broadcasting out loud,
Using a frequency to subdue the consciousness of humanity’s so called reality.
The colors of red vs blue, stimulating every sense of the watered down truth.
Buying into the false certainty they create another dysfunction.
Entering your physical function by giving them permission to pierce your bodily function,
Not ever questioning, Why? You become just another submission, not really knowing the chemical repercussion,
Becoming just another number to this massacre of distortion.
Yet you think I’m crazy, speaking out of the insanity of this world,
The same race and creed that continues to perpetuate this fear all around the world.
“The war on this” and “the attack on that,”
Drawing you in to be rescued, as if this is a matter of fact.
Thinking this resource has legitimate statements of Ethical Acts,
Continuing to believe this over that, when they are creating this overact of attack.
Do people ever stop and think where this morsel funding came to flock?
Eating the same food where the cattle sits in stock,
The smell is ratcheted, it stinks.
Like a corpse rotting in the heat,
Yet people continue to eat,
Thinking this is all I need,
Feeding into the mind one plate at a time,
The stake of freedom, safety, and security has always been your Divine Sovereign State of Mind.
By: Gira Schofield
~Enjoy The Moment~

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