Embodied Alchemy: Dancing & Chanting Freedom

Embodied Alchemy: Dancing & Chanting Freedom

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In the Western world, we are accustomed to separating our mind and body. We see the body as parts and symptom based, instead of a whole being in mind-body-soul. We ignore the bodies alarm system in the name of productivity and being a tough person. 

For example, I remember as a professional tennis player, I would grab my rackets and tennis shoes then head for the tennis court. No matter how exhausted or injured my body was feeling, I would show up. While over time this lead to adrenal fatigue, burnout, and a grade 3 fracture that I was unaware of (at the time). I was taught to believe in "mind over matter" and later it cost me my career. How many stories have you heard that the symptoms got worst because that person was not tuning into their individual needs?

Let's reclaim our bodies not as objects, but as the whole, authentic, beautiful being that we are from the inside out. 

Allowing yourself to be freely who you desire to be leaving all your worries, doubts, and stressors on the dance floor.

This experience gives you the freedom to express yourself through intuitive movement and sacred chant. Fully express yourself to the world as an Embodied Alchemist in mind-body-soul.

Enjoy a safe, sacred, silly space to explore, express, and connect the mind & body by moving stuck energy.  

This Is For You If:

-You are ready to dive into your own body wisdom.

-You are ready to claim your divine power.

-You are ready to be seen and heard.

-You are ready to tune into the vibration of your breath.

-You want to burn calories from all the holiday food & spirit.

What You Need To Know:

-Comfortable clothes to move in

-Water to hydrate

-An open mind

-All levels are welcomed. No choreography here. (However there will be minimal instruction.)

Spots Are Limited!

Come dance and chant with me tuning into your Beautiful Authentic Self.

Saturday January 22nd at 2pm-3pm.

Location: Abundant Space Scottsdale, Az.