The Shakti Shift: Rev Up Your Energy
The Shakti Shift: Rev Up Your Energy
The Shakti Shift: Rev Up Your Energy

The Shakti Shift: Rev Up Your Energy

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The Shakti Shift is revving up your energy through healing & connection. This is a 90 minute container that Boosts Your Energy in mind, body, & soul so you have more energy to get things done during the day. 

-First, we will gather for conscious connection followed by a guided meditation.

-Next, you will receive Reiki, Lemurian healing and Alchemy (transmutation techniques) that is coupled with breath and sacred sound, aka Light Language.

-Lastly, you will Integrate the experience. 

Benefits Of Shakti Shift:

  1. Boost Your Energy
  2. Increase Motivation
  3. Fill Up Your Cup

This Is For You If:

-You want more energy

-You feel unmotivated

-You are looking for a self-care routine 

-You want to receive healing 

-You are ready to make a shift in mind-body-spirit

What To Expect:

You will experience a Shift. For some it is a Huge Shift from feeling depleted to reenergized or from sad to happy. For others it is a subtle shift from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to a sense of calmness and ease in the mind and body. Check out the Testimonies Section towards the bottom of my Home Page from those who have personally experienced 'The Shift.'  

What You Need To Know:

-Bring water

-Comfortable clothes

-Yoga mats, blankets, and pillows will be provided. However you can always bring your own.

-Bring yourself or a loved one and a friend

Spots Are Limited! Last workshop Sold Out! Save Your Spot Now!

The Next Workshop is October 21st from 6:30pm to 8pm at Abundant Space in Scottsdale, Az.

If you have any questions, I would love to answer them. Go check out my Free Discovery Call today.

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Customer Reviews

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Celie S.
Profound Healing

Gira is a remarkable intuitive, spiritual guide and healer. Facing a life-threatening diagnosis 2 1/2 years ago, I began healing and energy sessions with Gira. She helped me move past the diagnosis and to look within to harness my innate spirit and healing abilities. Each session brought me closer to knowing my true self. Each time we came together I connected even more deeply with myself, learning to forgive, to release childhood trauma and to connect more deeply with spirit. My most recent session with Gira was through The Shakti Shift. I trusted Gira to know what I needed and she did. It was a powerful experience that left me feeling light, renewed, full of energy and bliss and at peace with myself: a Profound Healing.