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Do you feel unbalanced in your personal, business, or daily life?

Have you ever felt like you don't belong in this world?

Are you looking for more clarity in your personal, business, & romantic life?

Are you overloaded with stress & need more peace in your daily life?

Are you seeking empowerment & personal freedom?

Do you feel disconnected from your spiritual journey?

Do you want to break free from toxic behaviors & self-defeating patterns?

Do you have a connection with Archangel Metatron or drawn to sacred geometry?

In this workshop, you will connect with one of the most powerful and mystical sacred geometry symbols of all time. It helps bring balance and alignment to the masculine and feminine energy within you. It will include meditation, visualization, sound, and breath work. I will teach you the importance of activating your Merkaba, set an intention to program your Merkaba, and you will be given a worksheet to take home to utilize and activate the Merkaba on your own. 

What to expect: you will experience a difference in your life; for some it can be a radical shift and for others more subtle. You can experience breathing changes, heart-center activation, inner-vision activation, or mind-body connection changes, along with feeling more clarity, balance, calmness, personal freedom, and connection.

If you are interested in alchemy this is an intro into Ancient Alchemy practices combined with New Thought philosophy. It will allow you to experience and feel alchemy on the deepest level of mind-body-soul connection, if you are open to it.

Location: Zoom. This is recorded. You can purchase the Recording. 

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