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  • Masterclass Name: Merkaba Activation: Access Higher States of Consciousness
  • Author Name: Gira Schofield
  • Product Type: Services
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Welcome to a journey of profound transformation through the activation of your Merkaba! In this workshop I will guide you through an ancient practice to unlock your full energetic potential, harmonize your being, and experience a deeper connection to your higher self.

What is the Merkaba?
The Merkaba is a powerful symbol and geometric form in spiritual traditions, often depicted as a star tetrahedron surrounding the human body. It represents the union of masculine and feminine energies, the physical and spiritual realms, and the totality of our being. Activating the Merkaba is believed to bring balance, alignment, and access to higher states of consciousness.

Benefits of Activating your Merkaba include:

  • Expanded awareness and intuition: Connecting with your higher self and gaining deeper insights into your life path.
  • Enhanced healing and well-being: Balancing your chakras and energy flow, promoting physical and emotional healing.
  • Deeper connection to the divine: Experiencing oneness with all that is, fostering feelings of love and peace.
  • Symbol for protection: Learn how to protect your energy in social outings, family events, and business gatherings.
  • Greater manifestation power: Aligning your energy with your desires and attracting positive experiences into your life.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the Merkaba and its significance.
  • Experience guided meditations and visualizations specifically designed to activate your Merkaba.
  • Practice breathwork and movement techniques to harmonize your energy flow.
  • Receive tools and techniques for integrating Merkaba activation into your daily life.
  • Learn the basics of ancient alchemy

It will include meditation, visualization, sound, and breath work. I will teach you the importance of activating your Merkaba, set an intention to program your Merkaba, and you will be given a worksheet to take home to utilize and activate the Merkaba on your own. 

What to expect: you will experience a difference in your life; for some it can be a radical shift and for others more subtle. You can experience breathing changes, heart-center activation, inner-vision activation, or mind-body connection changes, along with feeling more clarity, balance, creativity, personal freedom, and connection.

If you are interested in alchemy this is an intro into Ancient Alchemy practices combined with New Thought philosophy. It will allow you to experience and feel alchemy on the deepest level of mind-body-soul connection, if you are open to it.

Who should attend?

This workshop is open to anyone who is curious about spiritual exploration, personal growth, and being in alignment with their full potential. No prior experience with meditation or energy work is necessary.

What to bring:

  • A journal and pen
  • A comfortable yoga mat or blanket
  • An open mind and a willingness to explore

Location: Zoom. This is recorded. You can purchase the Recording. There are no refunds.

Ready to awaken your inner star and embark on a transformative journey? Join me for this immersive Merkaba activation workshop!

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