Spiritual Goodies

  • 3 Quick Tips For Self Care: Say “Yes” To Yourself

    How does that commercial go??? Here’s to a healthier, shinier, more beautiful you from the inside out. That leaves you wanting more! More “me” time, more “us” time, more self-care time! Here are 3 Quick Tips for saying, “Yes” to yourself.
  • Feeling Disconnected, Lonely, or You Don't Belong?

    Have you ever felt alone or you don’t belong in this world?

    Have you ever felt disconnected from yourSelf and the world around you?

    Have you ever thought I am different, weird, or no one understands me?

    While feeling lonely in reality is not true, it very much feels like reality. You might say, “Gira, how is this not true? It feels very real to me.” Well spiritually, you are always connected to God/Source/Infinite Creator, you can never not be. I am going to teach you how to recognize these ego based feelings and the action steps to reconnect back to yourSelf and your heart.
  • I AM Who I Have Come Here To BE

    Story Time: So many times in life we are asked what do we want to be when you grow up?
    Throughout my life I often asked myself what is my purpose and who have I come here to be?
    Majority of my life I was a tennis player and then a coach for 28 years in total. I always had a feeling I was meant to be doing something more and didn’t know what it was. More and more I realize we have many purposes and not just one.
  • Meditate From Anywhere

    Let me guess you think you can’t meditate, it's too hard, it's boring, you don’t have enough time, or how can I just sit there and think about nothing. Well this couldn’t be further from the truth. While, yes, it does take a little practice, however you can benefit from meditation the first day. Just like when you start an exercise routine, the benefits start from day 1, while the results require discipline and some practice.
  • Celebrate 💕 Meditation

    Do you want to feel more love in your life? More love between you & your partner?
    Do you feel disconnected or lonely? Do you want to call in love no matter what day or time of the season it is?

  • R&R Meditation: The Light and Sound of Source

    Are you overstressed, overwhelmed, suffering from financial stress, Covid-19 symptoms of anxiety, depression, emotional upsets, sleepless nights, ADD/ADHD, lack of focus or a decrease in productivity or creativity?
    Are you a mom or dad who is overworked, has no time for yourself, and wishes there were more hours in a day to get things done?
    Are you a student who has sleepless nights, that study's around the clock?
    Are you an athlete that puts tremendous amounts of pressure on yourself and when it is time to perform you play at 50% of your ability?
    Do you have a child who is having a hard time adjusting to online schooling and getting poor grades?
  • Do We Have A Chance At Peace?

  • The Myelin Miracle Mindedness (Neuroplasticity)

    Have you ever fallen short from achieving your goal(s)? Are you wanting to lose weight and fall off the wagon? Are you having a hard time starting a new workout program? Are you a beginner Gamer? Are you starting a new job? Are you an athlete that keeps losing to the same person or team? Do you compare yourself to a co-worker, a friend, a family member, an instagram or youtube influencer? Are you supercritical at being perfect and not wanting to make a mistake?

    This isn’t about getting it wrong, This isn’t about getting it right, But, maybe the realization of Greater-Self-(In)sight?   Embracing w...
  • To Feel All The Feels

    Truly embracing how you feel is not easy. 
    It means you are not bypassing discomfort, pain, and at times agony. You release the control of the mind in “how you think you should feel” and start to be in allowance with the true freedom of self-expression.
  • Divine Sovereign State of Mind

    WARNING: This may or may not trigger you. This poem is meant to be thought provoking as I know in writing this it will not be liked by popular op...
  • Does the Rose Bush grow thorns of Quarrel or pedals of Floral?