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Next Event Embracing Your Journey

Akashic Record Readings, Reiki Energy Healing, & Medical Mediumship

Saturday March 18, 2023 from 10am to 5pm

New Vision Center for Spiritual Living

18010 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, Az. 85032


"Gira not only assisted me in releasing old attachments, she also assisted in lifting me to a vibrational frequency I had never reached before. Since the healing I have a real sense of inner peace."

Joseph A.

"I have been doing Reiki by Gira for several months. When I first started I was using a walker. At first the changes were subtle and then the big change came. No more walker."

Lucille V.

"I can't even begin to tell you how amazing I feel. My creative mind is on fire! It's been gone a while! Thank you!"

Dr. Allison

"You told me about positive thinking, vision boards, relaying on spirituality and the Universe... Honestly, it has worked. Thank you for opening my mind. I've see the difference in my career."


"After my Reiki session, I felt in control, I felt at ease. I felt lighter. Most importantly, I felt like I could adapt to whatever challenges and obstacles came."

Cat B.

"Sound Healing and Group Meditation was SO AWESOME! Just what I needed, excited for the next one!"

Robby B.

"Gira is an amazing health advocate in every sense. She is respectful of all persons and has helped me ask questions of myself and discover my truth and joy. She has clear intuition and helped me so much with healing. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Sara D.

"I've done all of Gira's sessions that were offered. The biggest thing for me was growth and paving my own path. Every session we've had, I learn something new. I will continue to do some more sessions with her."

Jenn D.

"Gira's merkaba activation has significantly changed my life. She is extremely eloquent, playful, wise, yet very intelligent and knowledgeable with all her teachings. During her workshop I experienced meeting my cosmic soul family from Sirius while simultaneously healing my sacral chakra back into alignment with her tuning fork. It was powerful and it changed my life..." Continued Click Link Merkaba Activation/products/merkaba-activation-workshop


Group Meditation & Sound Healing

Psychic Fair

Wedding Reiki & Meditation