Private Group Meditation

Private Group Meditation

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Private Group Meditation is for a group of team members who want to incorporate meditation into their busy work.

This is for your team of 3-5 members. (If you have more people on your team contact me and we can discuss other opportunities and solutions.)

This is for your team:

  1. Who go hard, who go all in, who go-go-go and love what they do.
  2. Who want more balance in their life.
  3. Who want to create a meditation routine but can't sit still.
  4. Who want more productivity.
  5. Who want more efficiency & focus.

Private Group Meditation is a personalized experience, not a one size fits all program. 

We will see what areas your team are currently struggling with and what areas your team are looking for more efficiency, productivity, & increase focus.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Meditation reduces insomnia by 50%
  • In six to nine months meditation can reduce anxiety levels by 60%
  • 60% of people who practice meditation find that it improves their energy
  • For 50% of people, meditation aids in their memory and focus
  • Practicing meditation for only 4 days can increase your attention span
  • Meditation reduces depression relapses by about 12%
  • Meditation lowers blood pressure for 80% of the people who practice it
  • Mindfulness meditation reduces PTSD¬†by 70%
  • Regular meditation practice increases telomerase, an enzyme known to delay the onset of Alzheimer‚Äôs and similar diseases


    What your team receives & what happens in a meditation with me?

    • We set a date & time.
    • This is a guided meditation.
    • The meditation is 30 minutes a session.
    • It is done over the phone. You can put me on speaker.
    • It is specialized to your group's needs, desires, and wants. (This is not a 1 size fits all program.)

    • 1st, I guide your team through a breathing exercise.
    • 2nd, this is where the fun begins. I take your team through a visualization. I am like your tour guide for the¬†paradise¬†in your mind.
    • 3rd, I apply an affirmation or mantra that is cultivated to your group's needs at that specific time.
    • 4th, before you know it you and your team members are in a¬†Zen¬†state of mind, feeling calm, rejuvenated,¬†& at peace.

    Do you think meditation is about 'emptying the mind' and you should have no thoughts? Think again, Meditate From Anywhere.

    Do you have more questions? Email me at

    Not sure which experience is for you? Book a Free Discovery Call.

    Cancellation Policy & Refund: There is a 24 hour cancellation/reschedule policy. If you have to cancel/reschedule within 24 hours of your session there is no refund.

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