Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

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At times, life can be really stressful, heartbreaking, & you may even question what is the purpose of my life? 

Why does the same experience keep happening? 

Maybe you're unhappy & unfulfilled with your job, relationship, or living the day to day mundane life.

You have hit a cross road where you can continue the same path you have always known. Or you can choose a new road that is unfamiliar, a little scary, & super exciting.

Where you are no longer wanting to settle for a relationship, your job, or living an unfulfilled life. There comes a point in your life where you need extra support & a deeper look into your life.

This is where I get to support & guide you through the mystery & magic that life offers. As you go through the ups and downs of life I am supporting you each step of the way.

Why hire me as your Spiritual Life Coach?

The purpose for this session is to support and guide you when life hits you hard with karma, crisis, & pressure’s. I help you understand where your beliefs are holding you back, clear any energetic blocks & blueprints, improve your relationship with yourself & others, and start living the life that you were always meant to live.

Is This You?

Feeling stressed out, overworked, fatigued, or low energy?

Feeling anxious or get social anxiety?

Desiring a deeper connection and greater fulfillment with yourself and others?

Wanting more energy, joy, and be able to live your best life in Mind, Body, and Soul.

Feeling a disconnect in your Mind, Body, and Soul?

Feeling like you don't belong in this world?

Your physical body is in constant inflammation, dis-ease, or you get sick every flu season?

You feeling stuck and confused with the direction of your life’s purpose?

You want to lead a heart-centered life?

This May Look Like:

-Building Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Creating Healthy Loving Boundaries

-Feeing Empowered & Liberated

-Heal & Resolve Trauma, Grief, Anxiety, & Inner Child Work

-Going through Dark Knight of the Soul (or Spiritual Awakening)

-Finding & Developing Your Spiritual Gifts & Abilites

-Find Life Purpose and Life Direction

-Seek & Understand Deeper Truth

-Gain inner-peace and self-acceptance 

-Balance your Health in the mind-body connection 

-Manage Your Frequency through practical practices in Mind-Body-Spirit

-Feel Good in Your Body

In life, we first learn about ourselves from the outside world. I teach you how to unlearn who you "think" you are and start becoming who you "desire" to be. You learn how to start living your best life from the inside out.

All sessions are done through Zoom.

Not sure which experience is right for you? I got you, let's setup a Free Discovery Call. 

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Customer Reviews

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Tonia Swanson
Spiritual Life Coaching

Working with Gira has been a life changing for me. She has an amazing ability to reach deep down into your being to determine exactly what you need to hear in that moment. I'm eternally grateful for her gentle and kind guidance. Her support made it possible to change my relationship with my food and my health. Thank you Gira!