Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record Reading

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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic library or a storehouse of information about your soul's journey across all lifetimes- past lives, present incarnations, and future potentials.

As your soul evolves, the Records hold the archive of your thoughts, deeds, experiences, and traumas from lifetime to lifetime across all space-time continuum. 

What is an Akashic Record Reading?

In short, it is a "soul reading".

This allows for each soul to gain insight, guidance, and understanding within an earthy time and space. In doing so this can help you heal old patterns, habits, belief systems, wounds, traumas, and empower you to move forward in this lifetime. Also, it gives you an opportunity to learn more about yourself and why certain events, situations, or people you meet are happening in this current lifetime.

Would You Like To Know:

  • Why you and (person's name) are together in this lifetime?
  • Have I made a past life contract with (person's name)? What am I meant to learn from this contract?
  • How to find more love in your life?
  • What your life purpose is?
  • How to solve current problems in your business?
  • What's limiting you from manifesting greater abundance?
  • If you are carrying past life traumas? How can you resolve these traumas?
  • How to release old patterns and self limiting beliefs?
  • What's keeping you stuck?
  • How to work with your intuition and spiritual gifts?
  • How to connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides?

How to prepare for an Akashic Reading?

In advance prepare 5-15 questions or more depending if you choose a 30 minute reading or a 60 minute reading. It is better to have too many questions than not enough. Please do not send me the questions before the reading. I want the most relevant information and energy to come through in the moment without any preconceived ideas.

A day to a few hours before the time of your reading allow your mind to be clear and open. You can meditate, pray, yoga, or do any breathing exercise that calms down the mind and nervous system.

Are you nervous?

Its okay to be nervous about receiving specific information about your job, relationship, marriage, life purpose, dis-ease, financial strains, or any other question. It is ideal to use child-like wonder and curiosity as you play with information you are receiving. Also, you do not have to act on the information right away. I highly suggest sitting with the information you receive and give yourself time to process the information.

For example, the person you are currently with is a narcissist and you should leave the relationship. This does not mean you need to end the relationship that day, that week, or the next month. Allow yourself to gather the information, sit with it, see if it is in alignment with your wholehearted self, and then use it to your best ability. If you need more support during this significant time of your life I offer Spiritual Life Coaching and Reiki & Energy Healing sessions.

Sample Questions:

Purpose, Career, Finances

  • How can I better align with my soul purpose and soul mission?
  • How can I feel excited about my purpose again? Is there a past life origin to the current issue or challenge I'm dealing with? 
  • What's limiting me from manifesting greater abundance?
  • What beliefs and ideas did I inherit from my family?
  • Why has it been so hard for me to speak up & stand up for myself in this lifetime?
  • Why haven’t I been able to heal issue Y or Z?


  • Have I made a past life contract with (person's name)? What was the nature of our relationship? What are the terms of this contract?
  • What am I meant to learn from this relationship?
  • How can I release toxic and dysfunctional relationship patterns?
  • How can I open myself to the energy of love and feel more whole within myself?

Spiritual Path

  • How can I work with my intuition and spiritual gifts?
  • How can I connect more deeply with my spirit guides?
  • Have I made a past life contract or vow suppressing my spiritual gifts? If so, what are the terms of that contract? What is the next most practical step to take?
  • How can I practically incorporate my spiritual practices in my day-to-day life? 
  • Where does my sensitivity come from? How can I use it in this lifetime?

Life Challenges

  • What can I do to become less reactive and more peaceful/observant?
  • How can I feel more peaceful/whole/fulfilled with where I am right now?
  • How can I release feelings of shame, guilt, anger, resentment, jealousy, fear, etc? What are these feelings teaching me?
  • How can I enforce stronger boundaries with (person's name or situation)? How can I say "no" without feeling guilty?
  • What can I do to release this unhealthy pattern of self-sabotage, procrastination, escapism, bypassing, etc?
  • Am I able to get pregnant? 
  • What is the root of this dis-ease/illness? What am I learning from this dis-ease? Do I have a contract and what are the terms?
  • Where does my (addiction, compulsion, behavior) originate from? What is my (addiction, compulsion, behavior) protecting me from? How can I release my (addiction, compulsion, behavior)?

Akashic Record Blog coming soon.

Customer Reviews

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Angie C.
Illuminating 🤩

The Akashic record reading I had with Gira was a fun, gentle and enlightening experience! She made me feel so safe that I was able to really open up and share and ask questions that I’d often feel a little embarrassed to talk about. She really validated my experiences and then the messages that came through were so relevant and interesting! I’m left feeling excited about possibilities and know I will be integrating this experience for awhile! thank you Gira! 🙏