I AM Who I Have Come Here To BE

Story Time: So many times in life we are asked what do we want to be when you grow up?
Throughout my life I often asked myself what is my purpose and who have I come here to be?
Majority of my life I was a tennis player and then a coach for 28 years in total. I always had a feeling I was meant to be doing something more and didn’t know what it was. More and more I realize we have many purposes and not just one. Check out my video, “Story Time: Stop Wanting & Needing, (Instead....)” to learn more.
My purpose started with tennis, then lead to personal training, oracle card readings, reiki/energy healing, sound healing, spiritual coaching, meditation education, and now teaching others how to cultivate their life through alchemy. Yes, I still will be using those other purposes and outlets to guide others.
However, what I am realizing is that alchemy is so much of who I am and what I do everyday that it has already seep into these other services. The difference is that I will no longer steer away of what I am actually teaching, healing, & cultivating in my life and others, (which is ultimately alchemy).
For many this word may sound foreign and it was for me too at one point. And while Google is a great tool to research it is not the ultimate Universe search engine, we are. The last two years I have been studying alchemy with my mentor Pamela Aaralyn. You can find her at www.PamelaAaralyn.com.
Starting from here on out I will be bringing forth and educating others on:
-The fundamentals of alchemy
-What alchemy actually is and what it is not
-How you can incorporate alchemy in your daily life
-Healing principles of alchemy for yourself and others
-And so much more
I look forward to sharing how alchemy has cultivated my life and brought forth one of many things that I am here to teach.
~Enjoy The Moment~
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