Celebrate 💕 Meditation

•Do you want to feel more love in your life? 
More love between you & your partner?
•Do you feel disconnected or lonely? 
•Do you want to call in love no matter what day or time of the season it is? 
Let’s Celebrate Love today and everyday!
Celebrate 💕 Meditation:
Step 1) Find your favorite heart chakra song or pick from this list below. If possible wear in ear headphones or any headphones is ideal. Otherwise play the music in the background. 
🎶 1) Music for Deep Meditation, The Heart Chakra Anahata, Chanting OM
🎶 2) Massage Tribe, Green-Flute & Monk Bell
🎶 3) Dean Evenson & Jonathan Kramer, Breath of Love
Step 2) Bring your awareness to the pink center point and allow your gaze to soften. Your eyes may focus on a particular image or sequence of geometry, allow it to remain there. Do Not Force It! Allow your heart to guide your eyes and stay fixed on that image. Now start to breathe into that image. (If you have never done this before, think about how you would smell a rose and take a deep breath in.) If your eyes start to wander, that’s ok, just bring them back to the pink center. (The artwork is by Makenzie Davidson. You can contact her at @sprtled on Instagram or makenzieedavidson@gmail.com.) 
Step 3) Repeat this mantra/affirmation while you look at the image. “Seek to change nothing and no one ... Seek only to LOVE and in this you are set Free.” -Yeshua aka Jesus (From Way of Mastery, Channeled by Jayem) 
Now you may have to go back and forth between looking at the mantra/affirmation and image until you remember the mantra.
Step 4) Enjoy and feel the Love of that which You Are! 
Now if this feels like too much at once. Ease your way into it. Focus only on step 1 & step 2 or focus only on step 1 & step 3. 
Happy Valentine’s Day! 💕
If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Mediation, check out my blog, Meditate From Anywhere.
If you would like to go further into your mediation practice and need some help learn more about my 1-On-1 Guided Meditation.
~Enjoy The Moment~

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