Do We Have A Chance At Peace?

I hear all you Trump haters and I ask you to do better. 
I hear all you Biden haters and I ask you to do better. 
I only ask, I do not tell you. 
For if we want a better place for our daughters and our sons, shaming one another for our difference of opinions does not make World Peace. 
It creates more chaos, more uncertainty, and more harm to our fellow h(U)man. 
It is not solely our responsibility to vote, but to show kindness to others (and for those who choose not to vote.)
Our responsibility in this moment, here and now is to do better. 
To do better as a country.
To do better as a community.
To do better as a citizen. 
To do better as a h(U)man-(Be)ing. 
When we truly live this in our own life and stop casting judgements on others, then we have a chance at World Peace.
By: Gira Schofield
~Enjoy The Moment~

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