Does the Rose Bush grow thorns of Quarrel or pedals of Floral?

Sometimes in life we never get that final say.
Sometimes in life we never get that farewell goodbye.
Sometimes in life we never get the answer, why?
The heart is heavy, the mind is racing.
Trying to distract us from the very thing we are feeling.
Run away, run away, until there seems to be no race.
The constant battle that torments the mind is like an anti-depressant pill,
Swallowing the judgements of the ill.
As if our shadow-self can ride and hide, casting the judgements of our demise,
Praying, saying this too shall pass O dear Lord have mercy for our sin.
Stuck in a thorn bush puncturing the skin,
The blood runs deep says the ancestral kin,
The loss, the betrayal, the oppression of another is not fair, no, not at all.
While another of our human race, gets harassed or even worse, no justice served, no, none, not at all.
Why? Who? What? Where? When? How?
The questions of the mind that circles around and around and no one of "importance" seems to even care.
The addiction, the emptiness, the anxiety never goes away,
Like a merry-go-around, cycling one more time to play,
Why won’t these damn feelings ever seem to go away.
The fitting in, the plus size, the runt of the pack, binge eating too much of this, not enough of that.
The thoughts of perfectionism, forces one not to eat,
The paper thin magazine image, it’s only goal is self-defeat.
I too, know the depth of (e)motions swimming through the waves of destruction.
Grasping for your last breath as the thoughts of fear drown your entire being’s function.
Like a plague, fear is the worst of its kind.
Asking you to surrender to the human-Unkind.
You may ask is there a happy ending or just a suffering that seems never-ending?
The Wise say, know the depths of thyself and there you will find,
The beautiful rose garden one more time.
The perception of freedom is the path to tend.
Everyday is a choice; it is of our choosing.
Take a breath of fresh air or breathe in that pandemic tainted air.
The place that you seek, where the roses smell so sweet,
Anyone can decide, but only a few will take the time,
Because the path forces you to leave all pride, judgment, and fear behind.
Some may even say, Forgiveness doesn’t lie far behind.
It could even be the key to end all of (wo)man’s suffering.
By Gira Schofield
~Enjoy The Moment~

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